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Creative Pig Minds

About Us

Once upon a time there were these three pigs, see?

Yeah, you probably heard it ten hundred times before.

They build these shacks; wolf boy blows ’em down; they ice wolf boy. End of story, right?

Wrong! — Somebody Squealed. Next thing ya know they go from pig pen to state pen. Three to five — Wolfslaughter… (a rap which “Little Red” had previously beat, but that’s another story.)

Boared one night (no pun intended) in the solitude of their cell, Emmett blowin’ harmonica, Pinkie (formerly Floyd…) blowin’ wind, Roy began to re-evaluate their lives:

Wallowing in their favorite watering hole till all hours: The nights on the town lookin’ for some sow: their whole lives they’d been livin’ it high off the… well, you get the general idea. They were the Black Sheeps of their family. Yet they were pigs, their father was a very talented musician who played with (and in) Muddy Waters. Their mother, Sooie, was an honorary member of the starving artist guild. She was once celebrated at one of their roasts. Then roasted at one of their celebrations (they were starving).

How did these three become pig minded little swine? USDA Bad. How could they channel their inherent talents into something useful? And is there really poisonous gas inside a ping pong ball? These are the questions they would ask themselves night after night after night.

Then in early spring they were sprung! An old acquaintance, Tom Tom (the Piper’s son), got them out on a work release program. This was their chance to redeem themselves. No longer were they pigs behind bars. They combined the creativity passes along by their parents with the skills they had learned printing license plates in the pen and went into the T-Shirt & Graphic Design business.

Creative Pig Minds was born!

The public went hog wild! Everybody wanted a Pig Mind!

Soon Emmett, Pinkie, and Roy were bringing home the bacon.

USDA choice.